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Ever since she can remember, Gina has been fighting her father's legacy and using her Alchemy talents to break the rules her father enforces. While she may be naturally gifted like her father, but the free spirit within her refuses to follow tradition and chooses the path of rebellion every single time. Being a big history nerd she doesn't hesitate to be Washington's successor in the Revolutionary War whether she's ready or not.



One of Gina's oldest friends, Calvin is musician first and prodigy healer second. No matter how hard Gina got beat up, Calvin was always there to heal all wounds. Unlike most Alchemists, he channels his spells through musical instruments instead of drawn runes.



The newest member of the gang, Mark is a former criminal that the Alchemy Academy took in due to his natural gifts. He's mostly uneducated due to running away from home at a young age. It's difficult to determine which of his is stronger: the body, or his relentlessly optimistic spirit!



Alchemists dream of it during their slumber, and a lucky few can hear words. The entire reason for them to prioritize the continuation of their bloodline and improve the knowledge of the world is to reach the one who whispers from beyond the known world.

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A Master of time Alchemy, the Mad King is the longtime ruler of the British empire in the 18th century. He used his gifts to steal technology and knowledge from the future and reshape the world to his own standards, devoid of choice and dependent on loyalty. Those who follow his rule sacrifice their freedom and identity but gain ultimate decadence and wealth. Knowing the rise of America was imminent, he dealt with the original founding fathers swiftly.



Gina's childhood rival and best friend. Though still a traditionalist, she is more level headed and reserved with her methods. In times of hardship, Ava is typically the first to scorn everyone's rule breaking endeavors until convinced there's a good reason for it.



Despite being born handicapped with barely any alchemy abilities, Humberto seeks to defy the laws of Alchemy that are known and become the Grand Alchemist. It was his lack of power that tragically let his parents die, so he compensates in the meantime with strategy, knowledge, and technology. 

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