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In Founding Fathers, you play as Gina Winston, a rebellious teenage Alchemist who time traveled from the year 1996 to a warped version of 1776 America, where the British Empire has won the American Revolutionary War and the colonies will never gain independence. Before you can return back to present day, you'll have to win the war using your Alchemy abilities against a technological superpower. Thankfully some friends followed you through time, willing to help you in your adventure that will challenge Gina's patriotism and make her face uncomfortable truths about the past.


Founding Fathers is a 2D action platformer with a pixel art sprites and retro anime art style. While playing the game you can make choices that will affect the support your troops and friends will give you. Will you be emotionally supportive? Relentlessly tough? The choice is yours as to what kind of General that Gina will be. The only thing stopping you is the Mad King and his loyal army.






Mark Roumelis